Table 3.

Association Between Coordination and Continuity According to Level of Specialty Care Use

Independent Variables (Adjusted)a,bDifference in Mean Coordination (95% CI)PValue
CAD = coronary artery disease; RxRisk = medication-based risk adjustment measure.36
a Adjusted for sex, race (nonwhite, white), age (65–69, 70–74, 75–79, 80–84, 85+ years), chronic disease (CAD, diabetes, both), self-rated health (excellent/very good, good, fair/poor), RxRisk (low, medium, high), hospital admissions (no, yes).
b Excluded 77 respondents because of missing race, self-rated health, or primary care physician data.
c Interpretation: mean predicted change in coordination associated with increase of 1 SD.
Continuity in low specialty care users, raw score (SD)c2.71 (1.6 to 3.8)<.001
Continuity in high specialty care users, raw score (SD)c0.28 (−1.6 to 2.2).77