Table 1.

Participant Questionnaire and Sensor Data (N=8)

AssessmentMean (SD)Range
CES-D = Center for Epidemiologic Studies–Depression; MCS = mental component score; PCS = physical component score; SF-36 = 36-Item Short Form Health Survey; YPAS = Yale Physical Activity Survey.
a Scores at the start and end of the study did not differ significantly. Scores shown are from the start of the study.
b For this activity, n = 7.
    SF-36 summary score77.9 (16)55–97
    SF-36 PCS68.8 (22.5)35–92
    SF-36 MCS88.0 (10.9)64–100
    CES-D7.2 (8.2)0.5–25.0
    YPAS, hr22.6 (14.4)1.0–42.5
    YPAS, kcal/wk5,980.5 (4,123.5)180–13,155
    Friendship Scale20.8 (3.2)14–24
    Speakingb20.7 (6.1)9.6–29.1
    Stationary63.2 (5.7)54.6–73.4
    Walking level7.1 (5.6)2.7–18.4
    Walking up5.8 (4.9)0.7–17.5
    Walking down8.1 (5.1)2.1–17.5