Table 3

Unweighted Percentage of Respondents With vs Without a History of Depression Treatment Who Reported That a Reason for Not Seeking Depression Care Applies a Lot

Reason for NondisclosureaHistory of Treatmentb (n=475)No History of Treatmentb (n=579)P Valuec
Medication aversion15.67422.2128.009
Not doctor’s job10.14814.584.040
Medical records17.98513.176.041
Counseling referral11.45413.176.423
Psychiatrist referral9.54513.980.036
Psychiatric patient13.76512.170.511
Private information4.4217.342.072
Emotional control9.7465.230.007
Topic introduction5.7275.9341.00
Distract of doctor5.9286.0351.00
Loss of esteem4.8233.319.258
  • Note: Because of nonresponse, the number for analysis for each reason ranges from 1,050 to 1,054.

  • a Refer to Table 2 for item wording.

  • b Respondents were classified into the history (n = 475) or no history (n = 579) groups based on their answer to the question, “Have you, personally, ever been treated for depression by a health care provider? A health care provider could be a medical doctor or a mental health professional, such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, or counselor.”

  • c Probability values are based on the χ2 test with continuity correction.