Table 4.

Types and Frequencies of 409 Reported Medication Errors

Type of ErrorPercentage of Errors
OTC=over the counter.
Note: Some reports included more than 1 error.
Ordering medications28
    Dose prescribed is wrong13
    Drug prescribed is wrong5
    Failure to order needed medication4
    Wrong patient name on prescription4
    Contraindicated medication prescribed2
    Prescription telephoned to wrong pharmacy<1
Implementing orders24
    Drug label is incorrect8
    Dose dispensed is incorrect7
    Drug dispensed is incorrect5
    Medication is not dispensed3
    Failure to continue long-term medication1
Receiving medications20
    Patient failed to take medication correctly18
    Patient continued medication after stop order1.5
    Different clinicians mixed up medications<1
    Sample or OTC medication incorrectly supplied<1
    Medical record not up to date23
    Home medication list not up to date1