Table 2

Best Practices at Each Phase of Electronic Prescribing Adoption

PhaseBest Practices
PlanningIdentify organizational champion and/or supportive leader
Examine existing work processes to determine how these might be affected by implementation
Plan workflow and work process changes, standardize data entry processes, and develop protocols
Introduce pharmacists and patients to new processes
ImplementationProvide comprehensive, on-site training program focused on communicating benefits of e-prescribing to practice members, test runs with software, and introduction to new work processes, standards, and protocols
Identify and train super users
Ensure availability of ongoing technical support
UseAssess accuracy of formulary information (through communication with pharmacies)
Monitor pharmacy and patient compliance with new work processes
Ensure completeness of medication history information in the medical record through workarounds for paper prescriptions
Analyze and modify work processes as needed
Ensure availability of ongoing technical support