Table 4

Unweighted Percentage of Respondents Without vs With Moderate or Severe Depressive Symptoms Who Reported That a Reason for Not Seeking Depression Care Applies a Lot

Reason for NondisclosureaNo or Mild Symptomsb (n=899)Moderate or Severe Symptomsb (n=153)P Valueb,c
Medication aversion17.715927.842.004
Not doctor’s job11.810617.026.073
Medical records13.612225.539.001
Counseling referral11.310118.328.014
Psychiatrist referral10.89718.328.008
Psychiatric patient11.610420.331.003
Private information4.84312.419.001
Emotional control4.94420.932.001
Topic introduction4.03616.525.001
Distract of doctor4.54014.422.001
Loss of esteem2.62312.419.001
  • PHQ- 9 = 9-item Patient Health Questionnaire.

  • Note: Because of nonresponse, the number for analysis for each reason ranges from 1,048 to 1,052.

  • a Refer to Table 2 for item wording.

  • b Respondents with a PHQ-9 score of 0–9 were assigned to the no or mild depressive symptoms group; respondents with a PHQ-9 score of 10–27 were assigned to the moderate/severe depressive symptoms group.

  • c Probability values are based on the χ2 test with continuity correction.