Table 2

Characteristics Associated With Different Cross-Sectional Family Usual Source of Care (USC) Patterns for US Children Aged 0 to 17 Years Living With at Least 1 Parent, 2002–2007

Cross-Sectional Family USC Patterns: 4 Groups (Does Not Account for Discordant Parent Status)
CharacteristicsAll ChildrenUSC: Yes Child/Yes Parent(s)USC: Yes Child/No ParentUSC: No Child/Yes Parent(s)USC: No Child/No Parent
No. in samplea56,30241,2548,4871,6294,932
Household income group, % FPLb,c
 200% to <400%33.134.426.734.029.4
 125% to <200%15.814.619.422.121.5
 100% to <125%
Child’s age, y, %b
Child’s race/ethnicity, %b,d
 White, non-Hispanic58.963.146.144.938.1
 Hispanic, any race19.716.529.425.637.0
 Nonwhite, non-Hispanic21.420.424.529.525.0
Family composition, %b,e
 1 Parent in household26.223.538.624.736.8
 2 Parents in household73.876.661.475.363.2
At least 1 parent completed high school, %
Geographic residence, %b
Child’s insurance status, %b
 Full year insured81.885.776.964.150.9
 Insurance gap11.49.216.418.524.6
 Full year uninsured6.85.16.617.424.6
Parent’s insurance status, %b
 Insured all year (at least 1 parent)75.682.151.668.845.4
 Not insured all year24.417.948.531.254.6
Child health status, %b
 Excellent/very good82.383.378.582.578.2
  • FPL = federal poverty level; MEPS-HC = Medical Expenditure Panel Survey-Household Component.

  • Source: 2002–2007 MEPS-HC.

  • Note: Column percentages are weighted and may not equal 100% because of rounding (rounded to nearest 10th). P <.05 in χ3 test comparisons of overall differences between subgroups of each covariate and insurance patterns.

  • a Unweighted counts represent total number of children, aged 0–17 years, from MEPS-HC respondent households with a positive person weight who could be linked to at least 1 parent within the household. Total counts do not include 2,049 children with no parent identified in the household; cross-sectional total also excludes 437 children for whom self or parental USC status could not be ascertained.

  • b To derive yearly population estimates, each child record from MEPS-HC was weighted according to person-level weights provided by the data collection agency.

  • c Household income groups were based on MEPS-HC–constructed variable that divides families into 5 income groups based on earnings as a percentage of federal poverty level (FPL), and in 2007, the federal poverty level for a family of 4 was $20,650.37

  • d Child’s race/ethnicity based on responses to standard options provided by MEPS-HC interviewers. We created 1 child race/ethnicity variable by combining a race variable (which included white only, black only, American Indian/Alaskan Native only, Asian only, native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander only, and multiple races) and an ethnicity variable (which included Hispanic, or not Hispanic).

  • e Family composition refers to whether the child could be linked to 1 parent (n = 17,612) or 2 parents (n = 38,690) residing in the same household (does not account for biological relationship between parent and child or the marriage status between the 2 parents).