Table 2

Changes in HPMG Picker Satisfaction Ratings

QuestionMeanaRangeMeanaRangeYearly ChangebP Value
Able to get appointment when wanted92.581.7–98.395.291.3–99.1+0.9<.01
Confidence/trust in clinician88.882.5–96.589.478.4–96.7+0.4.20
Treated with dignity/respect96.090.9–10097.392.4–100+0.6<.01
Received enough information81.369.6–89.782.672.6–91.6+0.3.41
Received timely test results79.668.2–94.483.969.1–93.5+1.8<.01
Knew who to call for help after appointment93.383.5–97.495.892.5–100+1.0.16
Would recommend this clinic79.161.8–91.080.967.4–89.0+0.8.10
  • HPMG=HealthPartners Medical Group.

  • a Unadjusted percentages of patients who gave the top rating (Yes or Yes completely, depending on question).

  • b Estimated using a model that adjusted for the following year-specific, clinic-level variables related to case mix: number of active patients, proportion of active patients covered by Medicaid, and proportions that were female, white, and aged 65 years or older.