Table 2

Unweighted and Weighted Distribution of Reasons for Not Seeking Help

Reason for Nondisclosure (Item Label)ResponseUnweighted AnalysisWeighted Estimates
%n%95% CI
The doctor might put me on medicines that I’d rather not take (medication aversion)Does not apply57.360254.649.9–59.2
Applies a little23.424622.519.1–26.3
Applies a lot19.220222.918.8–27.5
I do not feel it is my doctor’s job to deal with emotional problems (not doctor’s job)Does not apply73.377371.066.4–75.2
Applies a little14.114913.410.9–16.5
Applies a lot12.513215.612.0–20.0
My medical records might be seen by others such as an employer (medical records)Does not apply71.575370.366.1–74.3
Applies a little13.213914.311.4–17.7
Applies a lot15.316115.412.5–18.9
The doctor might send me to a counselor, psychologist or social worker (counseling)Does not apply75.879774.069.6–78.0
Applies a little11.812412.39.8–15.4
Applies a lot12.413013.710.4–17.7
The doctor might send me to a psychiatrist (psychiatrist)Does not apply76.080073.969.4–78.0
Applies a little12.112712.710.0–15.9
Applies a lot11.912513.410.1–17.5
I would not want to be considered a ‘psychiatric patient’ (psychiatric patient)Does not apply69.873470.566.1–74.6
Applies a little17.418317.714.4–21.6
Applies a lot12.813511.89.2–15.0
I would not want to tell private information to my doctor (private information)Does not apply84.388880.275.7–84.0
Applies a little9.810310.78.0–14.2
Applies a lot6.0639.16.3–12.9
I might cry or become too emotional during the visit (emotional control)Does not apply77.381478.073.8–81.6
Applies a little15.516314.411.3–18.2
Applies a lot7.2767.65.6–10.4
I would not know how to bring up the topic of depression to my doctor (topic introduction)Does not apply82.787080.576.3–84.1
Applies a little11.512113.110.2–16.7
Applies a lot5.8616.44.2–9.6
I would not want to distract the doctor from taking care of my physical health problems (distraction of doctor)Does not apply86.791486.783.2–89.7
Applies a little7.3778.05.6–11.3
Applies a lot6.0635.33.8–7.3
The doctor might think less of me if I brought up my depression symptoms (loss of esteem)Does not apply86.791487.283.7–90.0
Applies a little9.3989.36.8–12.6
Applies a lot4.0423.62.3–5.4
  • CI=confidence interval.

  • Note: Reasons have been sorted by percentage of the population estimated to believe the reason applies a lot to them.