Table 3

Comparison of Changes in Consumer Choice Satisfaction Ratings, HPMG vs Non-HPMG Medical Groups

HPMG (n=1)Non-HPMG (n=19)
Question2005a2009aYearly Changeb2005a2009aYearly ChangebP Valuec
Very satisfied with clinic35.756.3+4.955.357.0+0.7<.01
Would definitely recommend clinic47.166.1+5.264.466.7+1.2<.01
Very satisfied with ability to get medical advice after hours29.937.4+
Very satisfied with ability to schedule convenient appointment32.946.1+2.845.545.5+0.3.03
Very satisfied with ease of seeing doctor of your choice36.348.1+3.547.548.6+0.6.02
Very satisfied with how well listened to47.056.0+2.258.559.2+0.2.11
Very satisfied with advice on how to stay healthy34.640.8+0.947.046.8−0.02.43
  • HPMG=HealthPartners Medical Group.

  • a Unadjusted mean percentages of patients who gave the top rating (Yes or Yes completely, depending on question).

  • b Estimated using a model that adjusted for the following year-specific, medical group–level variables related to patient case mix: number of patient visits per week, proportion covered by Medicaid, proportion female, mean age of patients, mean number of primary care visits per year, and mean number of medications prescribed.

  • c For difference between slopes over time.