Table 3

Frequency of Themes Among Physicians Overall and by Practice Setting and Distance From Closed Hospital

Theme and SubthemeTotal (N=42)Underserved (n=21)Nonunderserved (n=21)≤12 Miles (n=17)>12 Miles (n=25)
Changes to local and regional health care system capacity241681410
Within the local area16124115
  Inpatient care over capacity54132
  Emergency department overcrowding44040
  Decreased access to specialists107373
  Decreased access to elective surgery55041
Outside the local area158796
  Inpatient care over capacity74334
  Emergency department overcrowding105573
  Decreased access to specialists22011
  Greater difficulty with primary care linkages44022
Difficulty for patients in navigating system of care119265
Greater delays in care65142
Poorer access and lower quality of care76134
Workforce and training changes1514187
Loss of training sites and faculty109164
Workforce relocated87144
No impact14212410
  • Notes: Values are numbers of physicians. Numbers were tabulated from the total number of physicians who stated a quotation within the theme or subtheme.