Table 4

Comparison of Changes in Quality, HPMG vs Non-HPMG Medical Groups

MeasureaNo. of GroupsBaselinebLast YearbYearly ChangecNo. of GroupsBaselinebLast YearbYearly ChangecP Valued
Optimal diabetes care118.123.5+3.11914.618.6+1.8.42
Optimal CAD care136.850.0+7.41934.337.2+1.2.12
Composite preventive services169.681.3+4.22172.677.1+1.5.26
Generic drug use137.449.7+2.93431.746.9+3.4<.01
  • CAD = coronary artery disease; HPMG = HealthPartners Medical Group.

  • a Quality measures assessed in 2005 and 2007 (optimal diabetes care and optimal CAD care), 2006 and 2009 (composite preventive services), and 2005 and 2009 (generic drug use).

  • b Unadjusted mean values.

  • c Estimated using a model that adjusted for the following year-specific, patient-level variables: sex, Medicaid status, age, number of primary care visits per year, and number of medications prescribed.

  • d For the difference between slopes.