Table 2

Unadjusted Length of Stay For Patients Aged 18 to 64 Years, by Principal Expected Source of Payment

Mean Length of Stay, dP Valuea
Hospital OwnershipSelf-payMedicaidAll Other PaymentsSelf-pay vs MedicaidSelf-pay vs All OtherMedicaid vs All Other
 Proprietary hospital2.513.463.03<.01.03<.01
 Government hospital2.693.132.89<.01.01.05
 Nonprofit hospital2.583.192.89<.01<.01<.01
 Proprietary hospital2.562.743.19.03<.01<.01
 Government hospital2.943.
 Nonprofit hospital2.723.002.83<.01<.01.04
  • ACSC=ambulatory care–sensitive condition.

  • a P value based on difference in days.