Table 2

Change in Blood Pressures and Number of Primary Care Office Visits in Prior 6 Months by Study Arm

Measure and ArmTime PointChangeDifferences Between GroupsP Value
Baseline6 Months
SBP, mean, mm Hg
 No home titration158.2138.9−19.3
 Home titration160.3136.4−23.9−4.6NS
DBP, mean, mm Hg
 No home titration86.981.5−5.4
 Home titration85.179.2−5.9−0.5NS
Number of office visits, mean
 No home titration3.532.620.91
 Home titration3.402.490.910NS
  • DBP=diastolic blood pressure; NS=nonsignificant; SBP = systolic blood pressure.