Table 3

Percentage Difference in Increase of Preventive Services at 4 or 16 Months From Baseline for Intervention vs Control or Users vs Nonusers

Intervention vs Control (Intention to Treat)Users vs Nonusers (Subgroup Analysis)
Indicated Preventive Services4 mo16 mo4 mo16 mo
Overall delivery of indicated preventive services
Patients up-to-date on all indicated services (all-or-none measure)1.12.3a,b2.49.3b,c
Percentage of up-to-date services (composite measure),c6.9b,d
Delivery of selected, specific preventive services
Colorectal cancer screening3.92.915.3b,c14.2b,c
Breast cancer screening−2.9−1.912.3a,b7.7
Cervical cancer screening−2.1−0.311.3b,c13.4b,c
Tetanus immunization1.02.08.7b,c10.3b,c
Influenza immunization2.
Pneumococcal immunization2.
  • a P <.05.

  • b Statistically significant increase in net service delivery for intervention patients or users.

  • c P <.02.

  • d P <.001.