Table 3

Effect of Referral to a Community-Links Practitioner on Patient Outcomes

Outcome MeasureIntervention Group vs Comparison Group
Adjusted Effect Estimate (95% CI)P Value
EQ-5D-5L0.008 (−0.028 to 0.045).648
ICECAP-A−0.011 (−0.039 to 0.016).411
WASAS0.05 (−1.37 to 1.48).940
HADS-A−0.41 (−0.99 to 0.18).172
HADS-D0.09 (−0.49 to 0.68).753
Exercise0.12 (−0.06 to 0.3).183
  • EQ-5D-5L = a standardized measure of self-reported health-related quality of life that assesses 5 dimensions at 5 levels of severity; HADS-A = Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, Anxiety; HADS-D = Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, Depression; ICECAP-A = Investigating Choice Experiments for the Preferences of Older People Capability Measure for Adults; SIMD = Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation; WASAS = Work and Social Adjustment Scale.

  • Note: Intention-to-treat analysis. Mixed effects regression models at follow-up in relation to intervention group. Effect estimates represent mean differences. Each model adjusts for age, sex, SIMD, comorbidity, and significant baseline outcome measures as covariates and includes practice identifier as a random effects term.