Table 4

Examples of Effective Interviewer Questions for Video Elicitation Interviews

Question GoalSample Question
Thoughts, beliefs, and emotionsWhat were you doing/trying to do at this point in the visit?
What were you noticing/hearing at this point?
Were there any other thoughts going through your mind?
Can you tell me what you felt at this point?
Can you recall more details about your feelings?
What makes this moment in particular stand out to you?
How did you want the other person to perceive you?
Why did you make that statement/ask that question?
Impressions of othersWhat did you think the physician/patient was thinking about you at this point?
What were your impressions of the physician’s/patient’s actions at this point?
Why do you think the physician/patient made that statement at this moment?
Impressions of selfWhat do you notice about your actions at this point?
What about your behavior at this point surprises you?
Decision making processesWhat let you know that was the right decision to make at this point?
What information did you use in making this decision?
What other courses of action were you considering or were available to you?
What made you decide this was the right decision at this point in time?
How much time pressure did you feel in making this decision?
If the patient had said X instead of Y, how would that have influenced your decisions and/or assessment?
  • Adapted, with permission, from Kagan14 and Crandall et al.20