Table 1

Baseline Characteristics for All Participants With Blood Pressure Data at 6 Months, by Study Arm

Study Arm
CharacteristicAll (N=204)Home Titrationa (n=110)No Home Titrationa (n=94)
Age, mean±SD, y60.4±12.160.7±12.660.1±11.4
Sex, %
Race, %
 White non-Hispanic8.39.17.4
 Black/African American10.810.011.7
Diabetic, %33.334.531.9
Primary language, %
SBP, mean±SD, mm Hg159.3±15.3160.3±16.3158.2±14.0
DBP, mean±SD, mm Hg86.0±12.285.1±13.389.9±10.8
Creatinine, mean±SD, mg/dL0.80±0.190.80±0.200.80±0.18
Number of blood pressure medications, mean±SD2.2±1.22.3±1.22.2±1.2
  • DBP = diastolic blood pressure; SBP = systolic blood pressure.

  • a There were no significant differences between study arms.