Table 1

Demographic Characteristics of Participating Survivors (N = 42)

Cancer Centers (n = 23)Community Hospitals (n = 19)Total (N=42)
CharacteristicMean No.% or RangeMean No.% or RangeMean No.% or Range
Age, y64.547–8064.549–7764.547–80
 Less than high school141525
 High school, some college114811582252
 College or more11486321741
Marital status (married or cohabiting)187813793378
Currently employed (yes)13578422150
Household incomeb
Cancer type
Years from active treatment
Self-rating of health
 Excellent or very good12429412048
 Fair or poor14631717
  • a χ2=8.948, df=3, P=.030.

  • b Because of nonresponse, percentages do not add to 100%.