Table 1

Example of Topic Guide

Main question
Can you remember how you felt when you were admitted to hospital with stroke?Fear?
What did you think was going on?
Did you consider you were having a stroke?
What is a “having a turn?” to you?
How did it impact on you seeking medical help?
Did you think it was serious?
What was your biggest hope at that time?
Relationship changes
Have you experienced any changes in your relationships with:Did you still want the same things from people? Did you want more?
 FamilyHave you maintained the same friends?
 FriendsWhat was your experience with regards to resuming any sexual relationships?
Would you say you have adjusted to having had a stroke?How would you describe your quality of life?
How do you feel on average, eg, happy, sad, adjusted to the stroke, accepted the stroke?
What is hardest?
Can you identify anything that would help?
MotivationWhat keeps you going?
What gives you a reason to keep going?
Independence? Why?
How do you feel about your:Your current level of social activity?
Your current ability to look after yourself?
You current ability to do the things you enjoy?
 AnxietyDoes worry affect you?
How does it impact you?
Do you think you worry more now?
 MoodHow do you feel about the future?
Have you lost interest in things?
Does anything cheer you up?
Are you happy sometimes? When?
 Self imageHas your view of yourself changed?
 IndependenceWhat gives you feelings of independence?
What does freedom mean to you?
How does being more independent make you feel?
What does the future look like for you?Are there things you would like to do?
What things, people, activities are important to you?