Table 2

Multivariate Model of Change in Hemoglobin A1c Level From Baseline to Final (Median 3.3 Years) Follow-up

Multivariate Linear Model Mean Change Multivariate Logistic Regression Model Change in Percentage With HbA1c≤7.5%
VariableModel Parameter (SE)EffectP ValueOR95% CI
Age0.022 (0.006)<.0011.0411.007–1.075
Sex0.18 4 (0.13 8)NS0.8040.356–1.818
Duration of diabetes−0.026 (0.010).0090.9980.955–1.043
No. of visits per year0.008 (0.029)NS1.0800.898–1.30
Baseline HbA1c level0.606 (0.030)<.0010.4170.308–0.564
Intervention vs control clinic effecta.0050.3930.156–0.988
  • HbA1c = glycated hemoglobin; NS = nonsignificant; OR = odds ratio; SE =standard error.

  • a Fv1,v6 = 17.97.