Table 4

Percentage of Episodes of Respiratory Tract Infection Treated With Antibiotics During Follow-up in Intervention and Control Arms

RTI Episodes Treated With Antibiotics
Control Group % (95% CI)Intervention Group % (95% CI)Uncorrected DifferenceCorrected DifferenceaP Valuea
C-reactive protein test35.7 (29.5–42.0)30.7 (25.0–36.4)−5.0−4.1.36
Communication skills training39.1 (33.1–45.1)26.3 (20.6–32.0)−12.8−10.4.02

Note: intervention included point-of-care C-reactive protein testing or training in enhanced communication skills.

  • a P values from multilevel linear regression model to account and correct for variation at the level of family physician, and to adjust for both interventions, RTI-episodes treated with antibiotics during baseline period, COPD comorbidity.