Table 2

Data Available in Practices

Clinical MeasuresaPractice Measures (All Practices)
Diabetes improvement over 12 monthsPractice type
 Hemoglobin A1c >9%Rural/urban
 Blood pressure ≤130/80 mm HgNumber of physicians
 Low-density cholesterol ≤100 mg/dLSpecialty
 Additional measures included: hemoglobin A1c ≤7%, blood pressure ≤140/90 mm Hg, referral for annual eye examination, annual eye examination obtained, annual influenza shot, annual foot examination, low-density cholesterol ≤130 mg/dL, low-density cholesterol measured in past year, annual microalbumin measurement, tobacco counseling, aspirin useUse of electronic health record
Data extraction capability
Prior quality improvement experience
Quality improvement consultant ratings: engagement, leadership, registry use, template use, protocol uses, self-management support
Asthma improvement over 12 months
 Asthma control assessed
 Use of asthma controller medications
 Influenza vaccine
 Bundled patient measure of the 3 asthma measures
 Additional measures included: presence of action plan, tobacco counseling, emergency department use, hospitalization
  • a Practices chose diabetes or asthma measures.