Table 1

Selected Baseline Characteristics of Clinical Practices Receiving Practice Facilitation Activities (N = 19 practices)

CharacteristicMean (SD)MedianRange
FTE personnel, No.
 Physicians, medical and osteopathic1.05 (0.22)1.01–2
 Physicians assistants0.31 (0.58)0.00–1
 Nurse practitioners0.11 (0.31)00–1
 Office staff6.1 (2.4)52–12
Health information technology, %
 Electronic patient scheduling94.7
 Electronic clinical patient management63.2
 Electronic prescribing31.6
 Electronic referral request submission31.6
Patient volume per clinician
 Office visits per day per FTE clinician, No.24.0 (4.9)2518–35
 Hospital visits per week, No.4.08 (7.39)00–25
 Practice routinely measures patient satisfaction, %21.2
Patient insurance status, No.
 Medicare30.5 (22.9)250–80
 Medicaid14.5 (20.1)50–80
 Capitation9.6 (17.0)00–48
 Fee for service33.4 (31.1)300–87
 Uninsured11.9 (22.0)50–100
  • FTE=full-time equivalent.