Table 3

Description of Practices by Transformed, Activated, and Engaged

Transformed n=7aActivated n=4Engaged n=7
Quality focus
Practice type
 Community health center/health department321
Practice size
 <5 Physicians513
 ≥5 Physicians234
Data extraction capability
 Electronic, total population313
 Electronic, incremental112
 Random chart audit322
Clinical measures improved at 1 year,b mean (range), No.
 Diabetes, 14 measures6 (4–9)5 (5–7)4 (4–5)
 Asthma, 8 measures5 (4–7)-1 (0–6)
Clinical measures sustained or improved at year 2, mean (range), No.
 Diabetes, 14 measures6 (3–9)6 (5–7)4 (0–7)
 Asthma, 8 measures6 (5–7)1 (0–3)
  • a Tier A (n = 3) defined as improvement in clinical measures but reaching a threshold; tier B (n = 4) defined as continued steady improvement in clinical measures.

  • b Improvement defined as 30% improvement in a practice’s gap to target goal for a clinical measure.