Table 2

Variable Cost of Practice Facilitation and Selected Facilitation Activities

ActivityMedian Cost, $
Key facilitation activity
Total variable cost of all practice facilitation activities7,626
Total travel and food cost of practice facilitation activities2,054
Total variable cost9,670
Selected facilitation activity
Part A: variable cost of selected start-up activities
 Facilitation orientation cost375
 Direct time cost of completing baseline evaluation report3,075
 All other variable cost of start-up activities1,067
 Total cost of all start-up activities4,517
Part B: variable cost for practice facilitation activities
 Cost for providing baseline feedback report474
 Cost of all facilitation materials provided660
 Cost of all actual practice facilitation activities during study1,315
 Total cost of practice facilitation2,449
Part C: variable cost of monitoring following the practice facilitation
 Total cost of all monitoring activities448
Part D: travel and food cost associated by practice facilitation activitiesa
 Total for start-up activities1,040
 Total for practice facilitation activities919
 Total for monitoring activities95
 Total travel and food cost2,054
  • a Travel times reflect distance between clinic and facilitator’s office, the number of trips, and number of facilitators attending the meeting.