Table 2

Structural and Organizational Characteristics of Higher- and Lower-Performing Practices

Number Higher Performing (5 Practices)aNumber Lower Performing (4 Practices)a
Practices in which clinicians use a shared communication system to contact diabetic patients who...
 ...are due for HbA1c testing3403
 ...are due for cholesterol testing3403
 ...are due for eye examination2403
 ...are due for nephropathy monitoring2403
 ...have not had an appointment in the practice for an extended period (longer than clinically appropriate)1412
EHR use
 Number of EHR features present, median (range)b11 (0–18)16 (14–19)5 (0–7)14 (9–17)
 Using an EHR4525
 Have staff to support diabetic patientsc3513
  • HbA1c=glycated hemoglobin; EHR=electronic health record.

  • Source: Survey of practice leaders.

  • a Preintervention survey responses reflect practice characteristics in 2008. Postintervention survey responses reflect practice characteristics in 2011.

  • b Out of 20 possible features.

  • c Presence of specially trained nonphysician staff who help patients better manage their diabetes.