Table 1

Characteristics of Studies Included in the Systematic Review

First Author, YearDuration of Follow-upSettingInclusion CriteriaMean Age, yMale %Country
Stott, 1976513 d3 Group practicesAged >14 y with cough and purulent sputum for ≤1 wkNRNRWales
Williamson, 198462 mo2 Academic family medical centers, University of MissouriAdults aged 21 to 65 y with cough and sputum as prominent complaints, who also had concurrent URTI, rhonchi, or history of fever3534United States
Brickfield, 198677 dAcademic family medicine center, Washington, DCAdults aged 18 to 65 y with clinically diagnosed acute bronchitis (lower respiratory infection with sputum production) of <2 wk32.558United States
Dunlay, 1987814 dAcademic family medicine center, Chelsea, MchiganAdults with productive cough4442United States
Scherl, 198792 wkOutpatient medical clinic, University of KentuckyPatients aged ≥12 y with cough and purulent sputum for <2 wk3126Unite d States
Verheij, 19941011 d22 General practicesAdult with cough and purulent sputum4142Netherlands
Hueston, 1994117 d2 Family practice centers, Kentucky and WisconsonAdults aged 18 to 65 y with productive cough <30 d and no signs pneumonia36.930United States
King, 19961214–18 d3 Academic family medicine centers, North CarolinaAged >8 y, cough and sputum production, and onset within 2 wk38.236United States
Littenberg, 1996137 dDartmouth Hitchcock Medical CenterAdults with nonspecific bronchitis or acute cough <4 wk33.739United States
Matthys, 2000144 wk40 Outpatient clinicsAdults with acute bronchitis (<5 d, ≥4 nightly awakenings due to cough); otherwise in good mental and physical condition3946Poland
Matthys, 2003157 dOutpatient clinics, totaling 36 physiciansAdults with clinically diagnosed acute bronchitis, <4 8 h of symptoms, and BSS ≥539.932Germany
Chuchalin, 2005167 dUrban primary care outpatient clinicsAdults with clinically diagnosed acute bronchitis <48 h and BSS ≥5a35.937Russia
Little, 20051721 d37 General practice physiciansPatients aged ≥3 y (83% >6 y) with primary symptom of cough and ≥1 other lower respiratory symptoms38NAEngland
Kemmerich, 20071811 d23 Outpatient clinicsAdults with clinical diagnosis of acute bronchitis and onset of bronchial mucus production in past days, as well as ≥10 coughing f ts on previous day43.538Germany
Matthys, 2007197 d3 Academic polyclinics, MoscowAdults aged 18 to 65 y with clinically diagnosed acute bronchitis, <4 8 h, and BSS >537.421Russia
Nduba, 20082014 dPublic clinic, NairobiAdult with productive cough <2 wk29.738Kenya
Matthys, 2008217 d6 Outpatient clinics, MoscowAdults with acute bronchitis, BSS ≥5, symptoms <48 h3721Russia
Matthys, 2010227 d18 CentersAdults with acute bronchitis <48 h, BSS ≥538.5NRUkraine
Butler, 20102328 d387 General practitionersPatients aged ≥18 y, with acute or worsened cough as predominant symptom or clinical signs of lower respiratory tract infection, duration up to 28 d3613 European countries
  • BSS = Bronchitis Severity Score; NR = not reported; URTI = upper respiratory tract infection.

  • a Scores range from 0–20, with higher scores indicating greater severity of illness.