Table 3

Practice Environment of Family Physicians by Practice Type (N = 1,437)

Environment CharacteristicSolo Private Practice, %Group Private Practice, %FQHC, %Other Public, %Hospital Owned, %Academic Health Center, %HMO, %Federal, %Misc, %Total, %
I feel a great deal of stress because of my job (agree/strongly agree)
My control over my workload is (satisfactory/good/optimal)74.676.957.770.464.363.758.760.372.968.2
Sufficiency of time for documentation is (satisfactory/good/optimal)54.850.036.553.540.544.142.750.061.446.4
Which number best describes the atmosphere in your primary work area? (4 or 5; 5 = hectic, chaotic)17.123.434.129.626.731.445.332.820.026.7
My professional values are well aligned with those of my department leaders (agree/strongly agree)
The degree to which my care team works efficiently together is (satisfactory/good/optimal)96.696.592.990.189.588.297.393.192.992.8
The amount of time I spend on the EHR at home is (excessive/moderately high)45.954.342.443.759.746.154.734.534.352.6
Satisfaction with hours worked (very satisfied/satisfied)70.672.070.671.866.771.658.769.085.769.8
Vulnerable patients <10%51.452.
Vulnerable patients 10-49%30.137.610.643.752.137.349.331.034.340.6
Vulnerable patients ≥50%18.510.
  • EHR = electronic health record; FQHC = federally qualified health center; HMO = health maintenance organization.