Table 4

Summary of Significant Correlations (P ≤.05) Between Care by Design Elements and Outcome

CBD ElementQuality MeasuresPatient SatisfactionClinician SatisfactionProductivity and Cost
Appropriate access
Same-day appointmentPneumovax vaccination (−0.66)Clinician cost/WRVU (0.74)
Staff cost/clinician FTE (−0.87)
WRVU/clinician (−0.83)
Visits/clinician (−0.89)
Primary care clinician continuityInfluenza vaccination (0.68)Likelihood to recommend (0.72)
Response to messagesDiabetes patient BP <140/80 mm Hg (−0.64)Wait time at clinic (−0.75)
Friendliness/courtesy of clinician (−0.68)
Likelihood to recommend (−0.64)
Abandonment rateACE inhibitor/ARB (−0.70)Continuity of patient care able to provide (−0.64)Clinician cost/WRVU (−0.66)
Calls answered within standardPatients with AF prescribed warfarin therapy (−0.66)Mammogram (0.70)Time you spend working (−0.84)Staff cost/clinician FTE (0.78)
Visits/clinician FTE (0.69)
Patients signed up for MyChartaWarfarin (−0.71)
Eye examination (−0.80)
Care teams
X-filesbExplanation of care (−0.70)
Instructions clinician gave (−0.68)
Likelihood to recommend (−0.77)
Physical templateHbA1c test (−0.63)
Influenza vaccination (−0.63)
Staff cost/clinician (−0.82)
Visits/clinician (−0.69)
Best Practice AlertsLDL-C treatment (−0.65)
Standard examination roomHbA1c <9% (−0.70)Not enough support staff (0.79)Staff cost/WRVU (0.64)
WRVU/clinician (−0.75)
Visits/clinician (−0.73)
Efficient visitLipid profile (−0.75)
CAD patient LDL-C <100 mg/dL (−0.64)
Diabetes patient LDL-C test (−0.72)
Wait time at clinic (0.79)Time you spend (−0.71)
HuddlesLV assessment (0.78)_
Blood draw in roomOverall satisfaction (0.68)
Wait time at clinic (0.66)
Your relationship with patients (0.71)Net revenue (−0.68)
Staff cost/clinician (−0.76)
Clinician cost/WRVU (0.73)
WRVU/clinician (−0.65)
Continuity of the MAFriendliness/courtesy of clinician (0.82)
MA engagementBP <140/80 mm Hg (0.63)
Breast cancer screening (0.64)
Documented patient communication needsStaff cost/WRVU (0.64)
WRVU/clinician (−0.74)
Presence of advance directivesDiabetes patient LDL-C <100 mg/dL (0.72)
HbA1c <9% (0.70)
Urine protein (0.81)
Friendliness/ courtesy of clinician (−0.69)
Information clinician gave (−0.69)
Amount of time clinician spent (−0.75)
Likelihood to recommend (−0.79)
Depression screenAmount of time clinician spent (−0.62)
List of common resourcesDiabetes patient LDL-C <100 mg/dL (−0.66)
Colon cancer screening (−0.71)
Influenza vaccination (−0.69)
Morale of group (0.88)
Efficient communicationAntiplatelet therapy (−0.68)Volume of patient load reasonable (−0.70)
Not enough support staff (−0.73)
Quality of care able to give (−0.59)
Planned care
RegistriesVolume of patient load reasonable (−0.70)
Continuity of care you are able to provide (−0.77)
Clinician cost/visit (−0.81)
Clinician cost/WRVU (−0.76)
Labs done prior to visitMorale of group (−0.67)
After-Visit Summary givenβ-blocker (0.64)
Diabetic patient LDL-C <100 mg/dL (0.67)
LV assessment (0.67)
Patient heart failure education (0.67)
Net revenue (0.64)
Medicine reconciliationPatient heart failure education (0.79)EHR improved my practice (−0.79)Staff cost/visit (0.71)
Staff cost/WRVU (0.74)
Procedure/consults notes availableWarfarin (−0.72)
Care plan documentedWarfarin (−0.77)Time you spent working (−0.70)
Continuity of care you are able to provide (−0.69)
Progress on care planWarfarin (−0.77)
Contact patients postdischargeHbA1c <9% (0.68)
Diabetic patient LDL-C test (0.68)
Diabetic patient LDL-C <100 mg/dL (0.68)
Urine protein (0.70)
Pneumovax (0.70)
Overall satisfaction (−0.70)Quality of care able to give (−0.71)Staff cost/clinician (0.68)
Composite scores
Appropriate accessWarfarin (−0.64)Explanation of care (0.67)
Instructions clinician gave (0.72)
Likelihood to recommend (0.76)
Care teamsOverall satisfaction (0.67)Time you spend working (0.68)
Your relationship with patient (0.72)
Staff cost/clinician (−0.94)
Visits/clinician (−0.70)
  • ACE = angiotensin-converting enzyme; ARB = angiotensin receptor blocker; BP =blood pressure; CAD = coronary artery disease; CBD=Care by Design; EHR=electronic health record; LV = left ventricle; LDL-C = low-density lipoprotein cholesterol; MA = medical assistant; HbA1c=hemoglobin A1c; WRVU = work relative value unit.

  • Note: Values in parentheses are correlation coefficients.

  • a A patient portal in the EHR.

  • b A patient history template in the EHR.