Table 1

Practice Characteristics (N = 94)

Cliniciansa (full and part time), mean (SD), No.1.96 (1.75)
Solo clinicians, %67
Other staff (full and part time), mean (SD), No.4.77 (3.67)
Annual patient visits, mean (SD), No.6,791 (6,106)
Patients, mean (SD), No.2,413 (2,683)
Patients best served in another language, % (SD)32 (31)
Uninsured patients, % (SD)11 (20)
Patients with Medicaid coverage, % (SD)42 (29)
Nonwhite patients, % (SD)66 (32)
Affiliations before joining PCIP, %b
 Network(s) of outpatient practices that share resources for managing patient care5
 Independent Practice Association(s)30
 Hospital(s) over and above admitting/attending privileges11
 Financially and/or contractually linked network(s)1
 Academic medical center(s)4
 Faith-based institution(s)1
 Community-based institution(s)1
 Other entity/entities or system(s)1
 No prior affiliation(s)51
Self-reported financial viability, %
Able to acquire equipment and staff as needed:
 Strongly disagree10
 Strongly agree17
Worry about meeting monthly expenses:
 Strongly disagree8
 Strongly agree29
  • PCIP = Primary Care Information Project.

  • a Included medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant.

  • b Practices were asked to check all that apply; thus, values total to more than 100%.