Table 2

Trends in Primary Care Practice Among Physician Assistants by Demographic Characteristics

All Graduates2004-2008 Graduates
CharacteristicP ValueEstimated Mean Change per Year, %P ValueEstimated Mean Change per Year, %
Overall by graduation Year<.0001–
Sex by graduation year
Race, dichotomous, by graduation year
Race, categorical, by graduation year
 Asian/Pacific Islander.50–0.1.0035.3
 American Indian.44–0.2.710.4
Overall by age at questionnaire completion<.00010.4.010.2
 ≤40 y.67–0.1.920.0
 >40 y<.00010.5.200.4
Overall by age at graduation (≥20 y)<.00010.5.0040.3
  • Notes: χ2 trend tests were used to determine if the proportion of physician assistants in primary care varied across characteristics. The mean change per year was estimated using linear regression analyses of proportions on year, weighted with the variance of the proportion for the given year.