Table 4

Relationship between Medication Communication Index (MCI) and Patients’ Reports about Physician and Medication

ReportNo.Mean MCI Score (SD)R2P Valuea
About physician
Communication about new medication1080.13.003
  What medicine is called (about right)1003.45 (1.2).17
  What medicine is called (insufficient)43.75 (1.0)
  What medicine is for (about right)1023.44 (1.2)<.0 01
  What medicine is for (insufficient)14 (-)
  Why medicine is important to take (about right)873.51 (1.2).42
  Why medicine is important to take (insufficient)132.96 (1.4)
  How to take the medicine (about right)923.50 (1.2).87
  How to take the medicine (insufficient)73.14 (1.4)
  How long to take medicine (about right)893.60 (1.2).03
  How long to take medicine (insufficient)112.27 (1.3)
  How to get further medicine supply693.54 (1.2)
  (if applicable) (about right).71
  How to get further medicine supply123.79 (1.3)
  (if applicable) (insufficient)
  Whether medicine has side effects (about right)723.78 (1.1).02
  Whether medicine has side effects (insufficient)282.80 (1.3)
  Risks of getting side effects (about right)613.81 (1.1)<.0 01
  Risks of getting side effects (insufficient)412.84 (1.3)
  What to do if side effects occur (about right)613.83 (1.1)<.001
  What to do if side effects occur (insufficient)362.88 (1.3)
  Interactions with other medicines (about right)593.70 (1.1).07
  Interactions with other medicines (insufficient)383.05 (1.3)
About new medication
Planning to take new medication1043.45 (1.2).46
Not planning to take new medication32.83 (1.8)
Certainty about taking new medication1080.01.62
Importance of new medication108<0.01.76
Worry about condition medication is for1080.03.11

Note: The MCI is a 5-point index calculated by assigning 1 point to each of the following elements if they are discussed during an office visit: medication name, purpose of use, duration of use, potential side effects. Counseling about the number of tablets or sprays and how often to use a medication is given 0.5 points each.

  • a P value describes differences between MCI scores for categorical variables, and relationship between MCI and patient reports for continuous variables.