Table 3

Respiratory Tract Infections During Follow-up in Intervention and Control Arms

RTI Episodes PPPY
Control Group Mean No. (95% CI)Intervention Group Mean No. (95% CI)Uncorrected DifferenceCorrected DifferenceaP Valuea
C-reactive protein test0.56 (0.43–0.68)0.40 (0.33–0.47)−0.16−0.10.12
Communication skills training0.57 (0.46–0.69)0.36 (0.30–0.42)−0.21−0.11.09

Note: Intervention included point of care C-reactive protein testing or training in enhanced communication skills.

  • COPD = chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; PPPY = per patient per year; RTI = respiratory tract infection.

  • a P values from multilevel linear regression model to account and correct for variation at level of family physician, and to adjust for both interventions, the number of RTI episodes PPPY during baseline period, COPD comorbidity.