Table 1

Characteristics of the Community Clinics

ClinicYear OpenedTotal Clinicians, No.Primary Care Clinicians, No.aVisits per Year (Fiscal Year 2011), No.Characteristics
11985221248,244Multispecialty, multilingual, metropolitan, evening/weekend urgent care
219997520,155Rural family practice with pediatrics
320016514,449Rural affluent, multispecialty and primary care
419888427,247Suburban, family practice, and pediatrics
5197616841,128Suburban, multispecialty, full primary care center with obstetrics-gynecology and pediatrics
619896b513,133Exclusively primary care in a bedroom community
7200310611,574Suburban, family-oriented community practice
81996141417,502Urban, high-volume, mental illness, residency training site
919895516,763Urban, residency training site
102007449,288Suburban, primary care
  • a Includes family medicine, internal medicine, and internal medicine/pediatrics clinicians because measures of chronic and preventive care services used to assess clinical quality applied only to adults.

  • b One clinician was a pediatrician.