Table 3

Inspiration Phase: Key Themes According to Leadership Element

Modeling LeadershipFacilitative LeadershipAdaptive Leadership
Before deciding to embark on PCR, regional safety net clinic leaders had similar personal drive and vision for their organizations: a population-based approach to care that enhanced the patient care experience.
All PCR participants shared a deep dissatisfaction with the current state of primary care and desire for transformation.
All PCR leaders had a strong leadership vision that reflected a desire to put systems and structures in place to foster nonjudgmental, patient-centered care.
Leaders codesigned 5 pillars and the payment method to align resources to allow the model to emerge and function.
Leaders saw collaboration, empowerment, and codesign as essential during the piloting phase.
All levels of the organization, especially frontline staff, were included as thought partners in the process of pilot testing (and later implementing) the model.
Pilot teams were composed of champions.
Steering committee had a combination of closed meetings only for PCR participants and open meetings with other community partners or advisors.
Recognizing that external partnerships and payment reform were required for PCR success, CareOregon and steering committee members also advocated for statewide payment and health care reform.
  • PCR=Primary Care Renewal.