Table 1

Practice Characteristics

PracticeYears Since MHLCLocationPractice TypeOwnershipPatients, Visits per Year, No.Registry of Number of CYSHCNPractice-Based Care Coordinator RoleSupplemental Medical Home Supporta
17Mountain stateAcademic continuity clinicAcademic4,000 visitsNoYesCoordination grant from medical school
27Mountain statePrivate, rural, small (2 clinicians)Independent, small528 patients, 2,000 visitsYesNoNo extra support
36Mid AtlanticMultispecialist network, suburban, urbanHospital owned22,500 patientsYesYesNo extra support
47NortheastAcademic medical centerHospital owned6,790 visitsYesYesLimited Medicaid PCCM
57Mountain stateNetwork, suburban and ruralHospital owned13,511 patientsYesYesSmall AUCD/LEND contract for care coordination
66MidwestPrivate, suburbanIndependent, large12,000 patients, 7,000 visitsYesYesNo extra support
77MidwestPrivate, suburbanIndependent, large13,000 patientsYesYesNo extra support
86South centralCommunity health center, HispanicCommunity health center (FQHC)13,410 patientsYesYesMedicaid $3–$5 PMPM to “keep population well”
97MidwestIntegrated network, urbanHospital owned and based4,600 visitsYesYesMedicaid payment for 300 complex patients
107Mid AtlanticSuburban networkHospital owned6,000 visitsYesYesSmall PMPM
117Mid AtlanticPrivate, suburban, multisiteIndependent, large12,000 patientsYesYesHealth plan P4P
126MidwestNetwork, suburbanHospital owned27,597 patientsYesYesPMPM for complex patients
  • AUCD = Association of University Centers on Disabilities; CYSHCN = children/youth with special health care needs; FQHC = Federally Qualified Health Center; LEND = Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental & Related Disabilities; MHLC = medical home learning collaborative; P4P = pay for performance; PCCM = Primary Care Case Management; PMPM = per member per month.

  • a Support could have been in the form of P4P, PMPM, a grant, or a contract.