Table 3

Regression Analysis Showing Proportion of QOF Variance Associated With Different Groups of GPPS Items

Explanatory VariablesProportion of QOF Variance Associated With GPPS Dimension (R2)
Access (Q4, Q5a, Q5b, Q7, Q10, and Q17)0.0366
Continuity (Q16)0.0243
Communication (Q20 and Q24)0.0139
Overall satisfaction (Q25)0.0254
Confidence and trust in doctor (Q21)0.0105
Care planning (Q28a, Q28b, Q28c, Q28d, Q28e, Q29)0.0192
  • GPPS = General Practice Patient Survey; Q = question; QOF = Quality Outcome Framework.

  • Note: see Table 1 for description of questions.