Table 2

Coefficients Between GPPS Item Scores and QOF Clinical Summary Score (N = 7,759 Practices)

Linear Regression Analysis
GPPS ItemSpearman Rank Correlation CoefficientsaCrudebAdjusted for Practice Population Characteristicsc
Q4 Helpful receptionists0.150.150.15
Q5a Get through on the phone0.160.150.16
Q5b Speak to a doctor on the phone0.110.120.11
Q7 See a doctor in the next 2 days0.150.150.14
Q10 Get an appointment in advance0.180.160.16
Q16 See preferred doctor0.170.160.16
Q17 Satisfied opening hours0.130.130.13
Q20 Doctor patient communication0.090.100.08
Q21 Confidence and trust in doctor0.100.120.10
Q24 Nurse patient communication0.110.110.10
Q25 Overall satisfaction0.150.170.16
Care planning
 Q28a Doctor/nurse took notice of patient views0.040.050.03
 Q28b Given information0.080.090.08
 Q28c Doctor/nurse patient agreement0.080.090.08
 Q28d Given written document0.080.090.09
 Q28e Given a “care plan”
 Q29 Discussion improved management of health0.110.120.11
  • GPPS = General Practice Patient Survey; Q = question; QOF = Quality Outcome Framework.

  • a All significant at P <.001, except Q28a, where P = .44 after applying Bonferroni corrections for 374 tests.

  • b All significant at P <.001.

  • c All significant at P <.001, except Q28a, where P =.003.