Table 1

Characteristics of Study Population (N = 3,427), 2010 National Health Interview Survey

Characteristic, No. RespondingPercenta
Age, years, N=3,427
Race, N=3,427
Ethnicity, N=3,427
Education, n=3,415
 <High school graduate15.0
 High school graduate26.2
 Some college/technical school25.5
 College grad33.3
Poverty ratio, N=3,427
Health insurance, n=3,422
 Public only16.7
Usual source of medical care, n=3,425
Reported health status, N=3,427
 Very good29.8
 Fair or poor17.9
Family history of prostate cancer, N=3,427
Chronic diseases, n=3,412
Cancer, n=3,421b
Doctor recommended PSA screening, n=3,417
Ever had a PSA test, N=3,427
Date of last PSA test, n=1,826
 ≤1 Year ago65.5
 >1 But less than 5 years ago29.0
 >5 Years ago5.6
Screening intensity (PSA tests in 5 y), n = 3,355
 1–3 (low intensity)27.8
 4–5 (high intensity25.1
  • PSA=prostate-specific antigen.

  • Note: Respondents were men aged 40 to 75 years with no prior PSA testing or who had PSA testing as part of routine examination; not all categories sum to 3,427 because of missing data.

  • a Percentages weighted to the US civilian noninstitutionalized population.

  • b Excluding prostate and nonmelanoma skin cancer.