Table 2

Grade A and B Recommendations of US Public Service Task Force Studied, Eligible Patients for Each Service, and Percentage Up to Date as of October 1, 2011

Preventive ServiceInterval yAge ySexNo. of Eligible PatientsUp to Date %
Blood pressure measurement2≥18Both667,37996.80
At-risk drinking assessment2≥18Both667,37922.57
Depression screen2≥18Both667,37918.75
Total and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol5≥35Male446,50273.16
Blood glucose measurement if last blood pressure >135/80 mm Hg3≥18Both348,08476.10
Colorectal cancera50–74Both274,71643.71
Papanicolaou smear321–64Females268,85042.63
Bone densityAny≥65Females86,20047.71
Urogenital chlamydia118–24Females43,76213.39
  • a Colonoscopy within 10 years, sigmoidoscopy within 5 years, or fecal occult blood test within 1 year.