Table 4

Population Level Outcomes Over Time—Mixed Effects Multivariate Regression Model

Baseline4-Month (n=398)10-Month (n=377)
OutcomeEstimateSEEstimateSEChange From Base P ValueEstimateSEChange From Base P Value
Systolic BP125.4861.456125.8031.506.651124.8741.515.393
PrimeScreenb AIM-HI−0.0570.0190.0790.021.0000.1080.022.000
SF-12 mentalc−0.3160.054−0.1120.060.000−0.1860.062.014
EQ-5D health stated64.3961.35965.0311.510.61068.5971.532.002
  • AIM-HI = Americans In Motion—Healthy Interventions BMI = body mass index; BP = blood pressure; EQ-5D = A visual analog health state score.

  • Note: Models adjusted for repeated measures, clustering of patients within practices.

  • a Fitness is scored 1 to 7 based on heart rate, age and sex, with higher scores indicating greater physical fitness.

  • b PrimeScreen is a brief dietary screening tool.

  • c The mental component summary of the SF-12 Health Survey, a short form subset of the SF-36.

  • d Scored from 0% to 100%, with higher scores indicating better state of health.