Table 1

Frankfurt Patient Safety Climate Questionnaire for General Practices (FraSiK)11

FactorContentNo. of ItemsExample of Item
1. Teamwork climateCollaboration, trust, respect, support, openness, handling of conflicts, team decision making12It’s easy for anyone in this practice to ask questions if they don’t understand something.
2. Error managementHandling of errors, reporting and analysis6Errors that occur in this practice are discussed by the whole team.
3. Perception of causes of errorsCauses of adverse events, recognition of stress as negatively impacting individual performance6When errors occur in this practice, it is because information has not been properly relayed.
4. Safety of clinical processesObserving of rules, information handling3All information that is important for the healthcare of patients is available to me.
5. Job satisfactionJob and workplace satisfaction3This practice is a good place to work.
6. Safety of practice structureMaintenance of equipment, expiry dates of drugs, overall priority of safety3Medical equipment in this office is perfectly suited to the care of our patients.
7. Receptiveness to health care assistants and patientsIncorporation of suggestions from HCAs and patients3Patients’ suggestions are given some thought in this practice.
8. Staff perception of management (items addressed only to employees)Feedback, fairness and openness of discussions5I receive constructive feedback on the quality of my work.
9. Quality and safety of medical care (items addressed only to doctors)Clinical guidelines, safe medication handling3Patients are asked about their current medication when they come to see the doctor.
  • HCA=health care assistant.

  • Note: Responses to items were generally given in a 5-point Likert scale format, ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree or from never to always (with 1 representing the lower and 5 the upper end of the scales). The 25 items that were not part of the 9 scales had either 5-point Likert or nominal scales, or free-text options.