Table 2

Prevalence of Elements of Shared Decision Making in PSA Screening Study Population (N=3,427), 2010 National Health Interview Survey

Element, No. RespondingPercenta
Discussion of advantages/disadvantages, n = 3,344
 Advantages only16.9
 Disadvantages only0.9
Discussion of uncertainty, n = 3,344
Extent of shared decision making,b n=3,304
 No elements64.3
 Partial, disadvantages only, disadvantages and uncertainty, or uncertainty only2.5
 Partial, advantages only14.6
 Partial, advantages and disadvantages or advantages and uncertainty10.7
 All elements8.0
  • PSA=prostate-specific antigen.

  • Note: Respondents were men aged 40–75 years with no prior PSA testing or who had PSA testing as part of routine examination (N = 3,427); not all categories sum to 3,427 because of missing data.

  • a Percentages weighted to the US civilian noninstitutionalized population.

  • b Physician discussion of the following elements: advantages, disadvantages, and uncertainty.