Table 1

Semistructured Interview Question Guide

Account of their back pain, including how and why the back pain came about
The meaning of the pain
Premorbid ideas or beliefs about back pain and how these have changed
Anything that concerns them about back pain
Who they have discussed their back pain with and whom they trust
Other places they have looked for information
Any health care professionals they have consulted
Any investigations they have received
Things that have helped or are helping them manage their pain
Their own thoughts about the best way to manage low back pain
Their thoughts about statements from the New Zealand Acute Low Back Pain Guide
Their thoughts about why people may be scared of moving during an episode of low back pain
Their thoughts about why people may worry about the consequences of low back pain
Anything they think may have helped them manage their low back pain more effectively
Nonphysical influences on their pain
How much they focus on their back pain
Their expectations for the future with regards to their back
The meaning of terms for low back pain commonly used by health care professionals
Any additional thoughts or information they considered relevant