Table 2

Characteristics of Participants With Acute Low Back Pain

Participant Code, SexAge yOccupationPain Duration dClinical Consultation This EpisodePrevious Consultation for Low Back PainRMDQaTSKb
ALBP01, female18Student5NoNo143
ALBP02, female29Administrator2NoPhysiotherapist1941
ALBP03, male50Student14PhysiotherapistNo1644
ALBP04, male45Solicitor30OsteopathOsteopath1036
ALBP05, female19Student5NoChiropractor1242
ALBP06, female55Doctor41Family doctor, emergency departmentNo434
ALBP07, female24Research assistant30Family doctor, physiotherapist, massage therapistFamily doctor, physiotherapist1441
ALBP08, female36Early childhood teacher5Family doctorNo543
ALBP09, male25Orange juice production3Family doctorNo1444
ALBP10, male44Clinical psychologist, lecturer20Family doctor, physiotherapist, occupational health nurseFamily doctor, physiotherapist125
ALBP11, male37Baker4Emergency departmentFamily doctor, Chinese medicine practitioner1243
ALBP12, female52Administrator4NoFamily doctor, physiotherapist, chiropractor1647
Mean (SD)36.2 (13.1)13.6 (13.4)10.3 (6.1)40.3 (6.0)
  • ALBP = acute low back pain participant; RMDQ = Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire; TSK = Tampa Scale of Kinesiophobia.

  • a Scored on a range from 0 to 24, with higher scores indicating greater disability.

  • b Scored on a range from 17 to 68, with higher scores indicating greater levels of fear avoidance beliefs.