Table 2

Clinicians From Whom US Pregnant Women Reported Care in the Prior Year, 2000–2009 (N=3,204)

ClinicianNo. (%)
Any care from a clinician2,953 (92.2)
 Family physician1,101 (34.4)
 Obstetrician2,750 (85.8)
 Midwife, NP, or PA927 (28.9)
Care from only 1 type of clinician1,128 (35.2)
 Family physician only121 (3.8)
 Obstetrician only962 (30.0)
 Midwife, NP, or PA only45 (1.4)
Care from multiple types of clinicians2,076 (64.8)
 Family physician and obstetrician542 (16.9)
 Family physician and midwife, NP, or PA385 (12.0)
 Obstetrician and midwife, NP, or PA845 (26.4)
 Family physician, obstetrician, and midwife, NP, or PA348 (10.9)
  • NP=nurse practitioner; PA=physician assistant.