Table 4

Scores for Patient Safety Climate Factors

FactorValid CasesMean Score (SD)aRangePercentage Problematic ResponsebMissing Values, %
Safety of practice structure1,9954.71 (0.43)2–50.65.5
Job satisfaction2,0474.66 (0.58)1–51.53.03
Safety of clinical processes2,0674.39 (0.52)1.67–51.12.08
Teamwork climate2,0514.33 (0.59)1.17–53.42.84
Quality and safety of medical care5964.19 (0.56)2.33–51.30.14
Receptiveness to healthcare assistants and patients2,0134.11 (0.62)1.33–54.14.64
Staff perception of management1,4874.11 (0.79)1.2–59.01.66
Error management2,0903.98 (0.69)1–58.10.99
Perception of causes or errors2,0292.81 (0.73)1–553.93.88
  • a A mean score of 4.00 or higher for each domain represents a positive safety climate.

  • b Percentage of problematic responses calculated by adding the number of the responses on the lower side of the scale for each individual and factor (values 1 or 2 indicating negative perceptions of safety climate) and dividing it by the total number of items for each factor.