Table 1

Examples of Transgender Health Program Models

Reisner SL, Bradford J, Hopwood R, et al. Comprehensive transgender healthcare: the gender affirming clinical and public health model of Fenway Health. J Urban Health. 2015; 92(3): 584-592.7
Fenway Health was one of the first primary care organizations to integrate transgender health, and was a pioneer in developing the informed consent model for gender-affirming medical care. This article tells the history of the program and its growth over a 20-year period. Also discussed are details on transgender patient demographics and Fenway’s research, education, and training program.
Reisner SL, Radix A, Deutsch MB. Integrated and gender-affirming transgender clinical care and research. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2016; 72(Suppl 3): S235-S242.12
In this article, the authors present a gender-affirmative integrated clinical care and participatory community research model designed to address HIV prevention and care disparities for transgender people. An appendix briefly describes 3 exemplary models of gender-affirmative clinical care located in Boston, MA, New York, NY, and San Francisco, CA.
Transgender Law Center. How to Start a Transgender Clinic. Oakland, CA: Transgender Law Center; 2008.
This free online booklet offers research-based advice for planning, developing, evaluating, and sustaining a transgender health clinic. Appendices and case examples from several transgender health programs across the United States provide additional insight and practical tools for implementing programs.
  • CA = California; MA = Massachusetts; NY = New York.