Table 2

Changes in Colon Cancer Screening Behavior From Baseline to Follow-up: Intervention vs Control

Weighted VariableIntervention Region, % (n=1,018)Control Region, % (n=988)Difference in Change,aP Value
Baseline (n=518)Follow-up (n=500)Baseline (n=487)Follow-up (n=501)
Any test
 Ever had76817777.22
 Up to date60695765.82
 Plans to have16281517.18
Fecal occult blood test
 Ever had61636460.11
 Up to date29293429.29
 Plans to haveNANANANANA
 Ever had35353231.72
 Up to date30302525.70
 Plans to have5757.73
 Ever had43554252.70
 Up to date38523749.78
 Plans to have915817.63
 Ever had53625058.83
 Up to date47584353.86
 Plans to have818919.54
Barium enema
 Ever had27253023.31
 Up to date1311128.38
 Plans to haveNANANANANA
Virtual colonoscopy
 Ever had15151111.83
 Up to date101198.91
 Plans to haveNANANANANA
  • NA=not applicable.

  • Note: Models for “ever had” and “up to date” were adjusted for intervention group; time; time-by–intervention group interaction; and respondent’s age, sex, race, and income; these analyses included all respondents. Models for “plans to have” were adjusted for intervention group, time, and time-by–intervention group interaction; these analyses included only respondents who never had the test performed.

  • a Intervention vs control, change from baseline to follow-up.

  • b Sigmoidoscopy and/or colonoscopy.